Don't just hit targets - devastate them
with the cut-on-contact bladed tip and
2.25" of combined cutting diameter!

One shot… complete devastation!

BloodShot is the first broadhead to utilize a massive equal blade system that delivers true cut-on-contact and lethal impact with every strike. Engineered with 100% solid steel and razor sharp blades with a .040″ thickness, BloodShot Broadheads don’t just hit your targets – they devastate them.

What makes BloodShot so destructive is our Quadra-Blade design with four equal blade points and windows. This innovative blade configuration creates pinpoint aerodynamics with unmatched flight and balance for all bows – specifically today’s high performance 350 fps models. It cuts more on impact for increased entry damage and with all blades being equal size, the combined cutting diameter is 2.25″!

BloodShot Broadheads also include our patent pending Blade-Overlock Technology, which makes our blades so solid that we guarantee you will never lose a blade!

  • 100% solid steel construction with replaceable blades
  • Engineered for maximum speed and lethal impact
  • Cut-on-contact bladed tip and 2.25″ of combined cutting diameter
  • Two main-blade design with massive .040″ blade thickness
  • No little bleeder blades
  • Blade-Overlock™ Technology – guaranteed to never lose a blade
  • Quadra-Blade™ design for maximum speed with pinpoint accuracy
  • Engineered for today’s 350 fps bows


Low profile design with a 2.25" combined cutting diameter!